Jim Lee Memorial

1Jim Lee was a man born of little means but with a strong desire to better himself through hard work and a good education.
Jim played sports as a youth, served in the US Navy, and graduated from the US Naval Academy Preparation School. He attended several universities and graduated from East Carolina. He worked for the NC Department of Transportation until his retirement.
Jim made good decisions and invested wisely. He was a Christian man who wanted to share his fortune to help strengthen the Christian Community.
The Jim Lee Memorial Fund has been established at St. John’s Baptist Church to honor his legacy. With this fund St. John’s Baptist Church has…
  • Created a Scholarship Fund to aid young people in gaining an education in order to build better communities.
  • Created a new ministerial position in the church to allow us to better prepare ourselves for reaching out and helping out community.
  • Supported mission projects both in our community and across the world to aid others in bringing the Word of Christ to everyone. 
  • Updated our church facilities to better serve our local community